How fast does my Vitamin-D level drop, without sufficient sunexposure or supplementation?

Under good conditions our body produces some 10.000 international units Vitamin D from sun exposure within just a few minutes day by day. This seems quite a huge amount, but in fact our body consumes most of this Vitamin D within the next 24 hours. Many experts state that we have a minimum daily consumption of 6.000 i.u. Vitamin D to keep all Vitamin D dependant regulatory systems on a good level.

As a consequence the blood-concentration of 25-OH-Vitamin-D may drop quite fast if the self-production goes down (e.g. in winter) and is not refilled by supplementation. Another factor, that contributes to the significant drops in blood Vitamin-D levels non-adequate supplemented people is the quite limited half-time of the Vitamin-D main metabolites. For best consultation, regarding indiviudual Vitamin D supplementation and monitoring it is thus important to minimize the time to result of a Vitamin D test.

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