Vitality Health Check – VHC-Reader

The Vitality Health Check Health Reader (VHC-Reader) is a new kind of, portable professional health monitoring platform. It allows to generate reliable results regarding important health-status parameters at any point of care. Some of its key features you can find below:

  • Quantified results within seconds
  • Straightforward client consultation for professional users
  • Run multiple tests on one platform
  • Target relevant health parameters
  • Battery or cable operated, fits in any pocket
  • Small sample sizes: capillary blood, sputum, urine
  • Detects even low signals not visible to the human eye

Vitality Health Check – VHC Vitamin-D Test

Immediate individual Vitamin D counseling on the spot

Vitamin D was chosen by evolution to centrally control the change in body functions between winter sleep and summer activity. That is why our vitamin D self-production is linked to the daily sun exposure anHomed thus the change of the seasons. Today, this central control system does not fit into the life situation of many people, and at least 50% of Europeans are clearly too low.

A vitamin D deficiency, that is a value less than 30 ng / ml, has serious consequences for the metabolism, because almost every cell in the human body has receptors for Vitamin D. Al these cells need Vitamin D to regulate their activity. If the vitamin D concentration in the blood is lowered, important body functions are gradually deactivated.